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Design Your Self

  1. Select the background/template you prefer.
  2. Choose the button “Select design”
  3. Add the text you want. Change the text “Hello” to the message you want on the clothes. Choose another font, size of fonts or others. Drag the font to the selected position. You may rotate it for a position on the body or arms of the shirt. Multiple texts can be added
  4. Upload an image or logo. Move it around or change the size until you are happy. Please remember that the photos you upload need to be a a decent size and quality to look good when printed. For logos, (vectorized) PDF, EPS, AI and high resolution PNG are of course the best. However, if the logo is not so very big, the high resolution is not critical. You may upload multiple images and logos
  5. You may now save the product and design.
  6. Next you can create another product or co to the cart and check out

Hire the 3DTS designer

  • Assistance for online orders.
    • If you have questions that you can not find the answer to in the FAQ, you may contact us via customer service. We will do our best to assist you.
  • Custom design of your shirts
    • You may book the services of our designers to create the ultimate design of your shirts. Send us a sketch and get in touch for an offer
  • Logo design for company/club
    • Our designers may also help you to create a logo for life (or for this occation only) for your company, club or event. Send us a sketch and get in touch for an offer

We need to add one text. This could be positioned on the page people are taken to after they have completed the design and are ready to pay:

You are now creating art – art that will communicate through your 3DTalkingShirts. Please note that the final result will not necessarily be 100% identical to the draft on the computer screen. Our superior designers and clothes manufacturers do their utmost to satisfy our customers, from which we have had great feedbacks!